To The Wedding Girl
     By Queena Chen

That night when the moon was high.
You hold my hand tight and cried.
That was the first time
I felt your rough, thick hand since we were not children again.
It’s not the tender one.
That I have touched before.

Still remembered you are not home when I was a little girl.
“I must be brave that because I choose the way I live”
You told me so,
I burst into my tears with the bottom of my heart.
For your braves, for your brilliant and for your happiness.
For a guy who can take care of you with his full heart.

Moved out of the home where made you grow up.
You did not leave us alone, I know.
Bringing us a new member to here.
That’s your husband,
Parents’ big boy,
New member to concern what happened forever.

Not the fairy tale life but the happy normal life.


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